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Apply for Smart Driving License in Nepal 2022 | Online Registration Form 2079: The Government of Nepal, Department of Transport Management has recently published a notice regarding the registration of online driving license form for motorbike, car, jeep, van, bus and other heavy vehicles. All the interested and eligible Nepali citizens are requested to fill up an online driving license application form in Nepal as instructed below. If you are eligible to get a smart driving license, you will be processed for a field driving trial date.

The Online Application Form for Driving License in Nepal will open soon by making fundamental arrangements to comply with the safety-related criteria issued by the Ministry of Health and Population, Government of Nepal. After the notice for driving license registration, we will update accordingly in this post. So, keep visiting for more information regarding motorcycle driving license, car driving license, and heavy driver license.


Online registration system for driving license in Nepal makes it very easier to enroll your application in a fast and efficient way. The system is also hassled free with no need to stand in a long queue to register the driving license application. The smart driving license in Nepal will also manage the previous records of the driving license so it may be very useful for the traffic managers to figure out the status of the license holders.

The online system is also helping government offices to enhance paperless governance. Although the system has encountered many technical problems since December 18, 2015, as first it was launched; let’s welcome the online driving license application system for the betterment and management of the license system in Nepal.

Online Driving License Opening Date in Nepal

The Department of Transportation of Nepal is going to open the online license application form for the new driving license from the evening of 6:00 PM, 30 May 2022 (16 Jestha, 2079). Similarly, a new driving license application to add a category will be opened on 6 June 2022.

Online Driving License Application Registration Open in Nepal from Today Notice

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Apply Driving License Form Online Registration Details 2079

Online Driving License Registration Form Nepal

Online Driving License Open from: Will update soon
Driving License Form Fill Up Process: Online Application via Government Sites
Form Fill Up Websites Link: All The Processes to Fill up Online Driving License forms are given below.

How to Apply for Online Driving License in Nepal?

Watch video guidelines to submit online driving license registration below:


You can check the status of your online driving license registration. In this process, you can verify your license status.

  • Opening time of online form registration: 6 AM to 10 PM
  • Form is registered only if there is a quota available
  • Quota allocated maximum for one week (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – Biometric Date)
  • Category and Mobile Number fields are mandatory and non-editable
  • Re-Registration after the expiry of appointment date of Transport Management Office visit will be allowed only after 15 days
  • Re-Registration will be allowed only after 90 days in the case of exam failure
  • Applicant can check the application as well as license status through CHECK STATUS button
  • To know about written exam result, type following information and send to number 33001 from mobile
    WT <space> <Applicant ID>
    where <Applicant ID> is a number assigned after Bio-metric
  • To know about Smart Card Printed or not, type the following information and send to the number 33001 from mobile
    LC <space> <Applicant ID>

If you are still confused, you can read the User Manual for Online Driving License Registration Version 0.1 published by DOTM.GOV.NP.


The department of transport management launched the online driving license registration on 2077/09/14. If you want to fill out the application form to get a smart driving license, you can browse the link:


If you want to get a driving license, you must submit the application form online and check the written exam dates too. Download the form fill it and submit it online.

Process of Getting Smart Driving License in Nepal

Getting a driving license in Nepal has become more systematic these days. The government of Nepal distributes driving licenses in all 77 districts of Nepal. There are many categories of driving license, from A to K with subtypes, but the most useful for personal use are categories ‘A’ (for both motorcycles and scooters), ‘B’ (light four-wheelers), and ‘K’ (scooters). You can also apply for both Category A and B.

In Nepal, once a driving license is issued, it is valid only for five years. After that, a license holder must renew to continue the license. Here, we have for you step-by-step guidelines for applying for and getting a driving license in Nepal.

  • Registration
    • Submit Online Application Form
    • In-Person Form Fill-up
  • Form Submission Transport Management Office
  • Written Test/Exam
  • Driving Skill Test (Trial)
  • Getting the Smart Driving License Card

List of Vehicles for Driving License Registration and Exam

Smart Driving License Online Application Form Open Now in Nepal

There are several vehicle driving license online application form registration is available. You have to choose one or more of the following vehicles to include on your smart driving license:

  • A-Motorcycle, Scooter, Moped
  • B-Car, Jeep, Delivery Van
  • C-Tempo, Autorickshaw
  • C1-ERickshaw
  • D-Power tiller
  • E-Tractor, Trailer Tractor (Low Bed)
  • H-Road Toller, Dozer
  • H1-DOZER
  • I-Crane, Fire brigade, Loader
  • J5-Other
  • K-Scooter, Moped

Driving License Exam in Nepal

You must attempt a written examination for a driving license the next day after completing your online registration. You must bring your original citizenship certificate, admit card, and receipt for the driving license examination.

The written exam usually lasts about half an hour. You’ll be asked 20 multiple-choice questions, and you’ll need at least 10 correct answers to pass the practical exam (trial). The questions are asked about transportation laws, traffic rules, and restrictions, and driving mechanics.

You can get your test result after 4 p.m. on the same day. The applicants’ names and registration numbers are affixed to the entrance gates of the relevant offices. You can also check your driving license written exam results by sending the message ‘WT <space> Application ID’ to the number 31003. You can also check your results at DoTM’s website online.

If you are successful in your written exam, you must pay Rs. 500 fees for both two-wheelers and four-wheelers before taking the driving test (trial). In the event of a failure, you can reapply 90 days after submitting the registration form, following the same steps as before.

Trial Exam for Driving License in Nepal

The office will schedule a driving test if you passed the written exam. This driving trial is usually scheduled on a daily basis, but the concerned office will set a suitable time for you.

You have to bring your original citizenship card, and the receipt of payment for the trial when you attend the trial center. You can either take your private vehicle for the trial or get a rented vehicle, outside the compound.

If you pass the trial, your admit card will be forwarded for the issuance of your driving license. If you weren’t successful in the trial, you can again take a trial after 30 days. However, if you fail the third time, you will have to reapply and go through the process from the beginning, with appropriate fines and fees.

Checking Driving License Online

You can search and check your driving license’s current status online. By doing so, you will know your license’s Number, Name, Type, Category, Submitted Date, Current Status, and other details. Click here to check your driving license online.

Frequently Asked Questions about Driving License in Nepal

How can I get a Driving License in Nepal?

You have to attend a written exam and driving trial to get a driving license in Nepal.

How much does it cost to make a driving license in Nepal?

Once you pass the driving license trial you should visit the DOTM office and pay revenue Rs. 1500 after 10 working days (In case of a new license). To add a category in your existing license you just need to pay Rs. 500 only.

Is a driving License open in Nepal?

Yes, the driving license application form is open from 30th May 2022 (6:00 PM) onwards.

Is online driving license form open in Nepal?

Online driving license application form is closed for few days.


  1. Hello, i have registered for driving licence in february and got my appointment date in august. I went office at bagmati lalitpur and they told me form are not yet open. May i know when i can go through process as i have registered online already and appointment date was august 10. Thank you.

    • Waited for 6 month to get my apointment date and now they told me form not yet open at lalitpur bagmati. What should i do.? Should i sell my bike. Akward system. Even they cant translate my foreign licence. Hope to see changes in system.

  2. Hello, i have registered for driving licence in february and got my appointment date in august. I went office at bagmati lalitpur and they told me form are not yet open. May i know when i can go through process as i have registered online already and appointment date was august 10. Thank you.


  3. I have filled up the online registration already. I have given the date of 21 May 2021 to approach office. I have lost my Code while formating my labtop. Please support me finding my license code and give me chance of attending in the due process as I have been waiting for longer than 2 years.

    I hope you will consider this one.
    Ananda Kumari Pokhrel Shahi
    Hattigauda-6 Budhanilkantha, Kathmandu

  4. Dear sir/madam,

    I would like to know about how can I get the smart driving license when I have already registered as pass of driving license.At the moment I am outside the couuntry and a bit curious to get the knowledge.

    Thank you

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    Has covered almost everything that people search for.

    The only problem is online form nai khulexaina 😀 “Nepal”

  6. My appointment date is on 18 october 2022, what i shall do on that day ? Do i need to appear for test on the same day or they will provide me nnew test and trial date ?

  7. I have license of category B. Now how can I add category A license? And after how many days I can register for adding another category license?


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