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Derry EV7 & EM7 Electric Car Price in Nepal 2021: A new price list of Derry brand electric cars available in the Nepali market has been made public. Auto Host Pvt. Ltd., the official distributor for Nepal, has made public the new price list.

The price of Derry electric vehicles has come down after the government reduced taxes and excise duty on electric vehicles through a new budget released a few days ago.

In addition, both these vehicles are available in more capacity than before. Earlier, there was a battery of 11 kWh, but now both the vehicles have been given a battery of 17 kWh. Both these models have a 15 kW electric motor available.

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Details about Derry EV7 & EM7 Electric Cars in Nepal

Derry EV7 and EM7 Electric Car Price in Nepal

The EV7 is a fully electric car, while the EM7 is a solar and electric car. The EV7 can cover a distance of 230 kilometers on a single charge.

Similarly, EM7 can cover a distance of 260 kilometers. As the EM7 can be charged even through solar, it is said to give extra mileage. Both the vehicles are entry-level vehicles. The car can seat 5 people.

Henan Dairy is a famous electric vehicle manufacturer in China. The company’s electric and solar vehicles have come into use in different countries of the world.

Derry EM7 and EV7 Features & Specifications

These electric vehicles are acceptable for Nepalese roads. They have ample clearance for the Nepalese road as well. high enough to deal with poor road conditions and road portholes The EV7 has a range of 158 kilometers, whereas the EM7 has a range of 182 kilometers.

The EM7’s solar roof appears to provide some additional range. These estimates, however, fail to hold up when put to the test on the Nepalese highway. if driven carefully, both of these electric cars seem to provide a range of 210KM mileage in a single charge.

Both the models have features like EPS, Power Window, Central Lock, Alloy Wheel, Touch Screen, Hill Assist, Spare Tires, the company said.


  • Battery: 150 AMP 72V
  • Electric motor: 15kilowatt
  • Seat capacity: 5
  • Ground clearance: 170mm
  • Range 175+
  • Solar sunroof

Derry EV7 Electric Car Price in Nepal

According to the new price list, the price of Dairy EV7 has been fixed at Rs 19.50 lakh which was previously priced at Rs 25 lakh 99 thousand.

Derry EM7 Electric Car Price in Nepal

Derry EM7 Solar Electric Car Price in Nepal

Similarly, the price of Dairy EM7 has been fixed at Rs 19.90 lakh. Earlier, the value of EM7 electric car was Rs. 26 lakh 50 thousand.

50 Thousand Discount to the First 50 Customers

The EV7 is priced at Rs 25 lakh 99 thousand and the EM 7 is priced at Rs 26 lakh 50 thousand. The company has stated that the first 50 customers who buy a car will get a discount of Rs 50,000. Poudel informed that one-year road tax and insurance will be available free of cost. Up to 80 percent finance facility will be available.

Auto Host Pvt. Ltd. has unveiled the Chinese-made electric vehicle. The company has stated that the first solar car EM7 and electric car EV7 will be popular in the Nepalese market. [Nepal Auto]



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