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Earn Money for Pi Network App | Pi Crypto Mining 2020: I have earned about Rs. 20,000 a month without any investment by installing a small Pi Network app on my mobile. But since I am unable to answer everyone one by one, I am writing here as a whole, so please understand the official answer and those who have not started, please start by downloading the app today.

What is Pi Network?

Earn Money for Pi Network App Pi Crypto Mining

PI coin is a cryptocurrency you can mine on your phone and it is profitable because it doesn’t use your battery or RAM. It was designed by a group of Stanford PhD graduates and it can definitely become something big because it realies on its community, that is, the users and their joint engagement. PI is mined through proof of consensus, which is basically where your phone communicates with a bunch of nodes and nodes collectively decide on what the solution to the next block is (whereas with BTC it’s more where the solution is already set, and whoever gets the solution first gets the reward).

The app doesn’t drain your battery or uses RAM because it doesn’t rely on proof of work, instead on proof of consensus, how much reliable users you have in your secure circles, the more your mining rate is and more coins you get.

The real question is how do you mine? You have to open the app and click on one button every 24h so that you prove that you are credible contributor to the network and that’s how you mine. It doesn’t need to run in background, so you can close the app at any time and open it after 24h to click the button again and it will still mine, ie give you coins.

Creators published the whitepaper of the project on their site so you can examine for yourself if you want to give it a shot or not. Network is rapidly expanding and as right now it has more than 4 million engaged users.

How much does the investment cost?

Pi Network is absolutely free and its app can be installed and run from Android’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Everything you earn in this is your own.

How to get started?

After installing it your your mobile you can register to Pi crypto network using your mobile number of Facebook profile. It will be easier to fill in the KYC in the future if you keep your citizenship name while registering to the network. As this project is genuine, KYC will be mandatory like banks.

What is Invitation Code?

Since everyone on this network needs to be connected to each other, a new person needs an invitation to join so you can use my Invitation Code rsnanurag.

Does the mobile break down?

You have to put this app on your mobile and start mining again in every 24 hours, otherwise the earnings will stop. Even if it runs on our mobile, it does not cause any harm like hanging the mobile or draining the battery and does not ask permission to run the data on your mobile.

When can it be exchanged or sold?

As this project is only in the second phase now, it is not possible to exchange or buy or sell the same, but from the third phase, i.e. from March 14, 2021 (Pi Day) next year, it will be possible to trade and buy in full extent.

How much can be earn from Pi Crypto Network?

If you start mining from now on, you can earn 1800Pi at the rate of at least 6Pi per day before March 2021, and according to experts, 1 Pi = US $ 3 to US $ 10, i.e. at the current rate of Rs.260.00 to Rs. 1200.00 Nepali rupees are estimated. That will be explained by the situation at that time. But now an exchange website called Coingecko has 1Pi = $ 0.35 i.e. Rs. Is seen trading at 40.00.

Now for those who have not started, start immediately and for those who have started, don’t forget to continue for 24 hours. Apart from this, if you have any additional queries regarding Pi mining, please comment us below. I look forward to taking advantage of the lockdown.

Remember, invitation code: rsnanurag will connect you to each other.

I am sending you 1π! Pi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 3.5 million members worldwide. To claim your Pi, follow this link https://minepi.com/rsnanurag and use my username (rsnanurag) as your invitation code.



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