How to Get EPASS for Lockdown in Nepal [Covid-19]


Are you searching for how to get Epass for lockdown in Nepal? If yes, then we are going to provide the procedure to get traveling epass for lockdown period.

The government has announced the country-wide lock-down due to the Corona Virus pandemic. If you need a Vehicle Pass or Vehicle permission during the lockdown period, the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Home Affairs introduces an e-pass system for the vehicle to get access to public road and highways.

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epass for lockdown in Nepal

Epass for Lockdown in Nepal 2020

A program organized at the Ministry Of Home Affairs launched the online application form to get the epass for food and beverage transportation, sick/injured patient transport, carrying corpses, and other essential daily works. Earlier the permits are provided to selected stores and online shops for the home delivery of groceries for the lockdown period.

To faciliate public for vehicle permits, government has decided to distribute epass during the lockdown period. This makes citizens easier to get epass and access to road with basic safety precautions.

This online e-pass service is available from Tuesday, 14th April 2020.

How to Apply for E-Pass for Lock down in Nepal

Here is the detailed process to get e-pass or permission for private vehicles and transportation as of your need either press or health checkup or any other emergency reasons. Follow these step-by-step process to apply for epass for lockdown in Nepal:

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How to Get EPASS for Lockdown in Nepal
  • Visit the official e-pass portal of the Ministry of Home affairs [Click Here].
  • Fill up all the details [Name, Address, Permit Area, Reason for Pass, District, Identity Card Number, Vehicle Details, Passenger Number, etc.]
  • Upload your ID card
  • Upload other Supporting Documents like Hospital Document, Recommendation for Organization etc.

As described above, you have to fill out all the general information and proper reason to get the epass. Before submitting the application, you should provide a press pass information if you are a journalist, otherwise, you can enter the details of the company for essential services.

If you are going to travel out of your city then you need to enter the destination like Narayangadh to Kathmandu. After validating all information you have to submit epass application form. After that respective DAO will review your application and accept or recject your request as per the urgency and the supporting documents you provided.

If your epass application is accepted then you will receive a 6-digit code. They you can use this code while traveling to your destination. The security person or traffic police will check the code from their mobile whether to permit you travel outside or not.

In this way, you can travel using epass during the lockdown period in Nepal.

Official Notice for Epass in Nepal

epass notice for vehicles

If you have still have some queries regarding the epass for lockdown in Nepal, please feel free to comment us below.

Stay safe! Travel safe!



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