Full Form of JPEG | What is the Full Form of JPG?


The Full Form of JPEG/JPG is Joint Photographic Expert Group.

JPG/JPEG full form is Joint Photographic Experts Group. JPEG is generally known as JPG also. So, JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Expert Group. It is a standard method of compressing graphic images. It is a united working group of the International Standardization Organization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

The Full Form of JPEG is Joint Photographic Expert Group

JPEG/JPG is often used with its filename extension .jpg or .jpeg. This format is generally used to compress digital images in the computer. Some image information will be lost because it is a lossy compression technique. It can reduce up to 5% of the actual file size with the loss of some information.

JPEG is commonly used to send/receive photographs on the internet and digital media because of its great compression technique. It supports a maximum of 65535×65535 pixels image size. JPEG file format is supported on the World Wide Web with the file extension of “.jpg”. It is also used as a term for any graphic image file generated by using a JPEG standard.

Advantages of JPEG/JPG Images

  • The JPEG format is extremely portable and has been in use for a long time;
  • The JPEG image format is compatible with almost every image processing devices and applications;
  • The JPEG format is compatible with most of the imaging devices e.g cameras, printers, etc;
  • JPEG format is suitable for storing high-resolution fast-moving images which would be a blur in other formats because owing to their smaller size, JPEG images can be stored and transfer very quickly from a camera to a storage device;
  • Size of JPEG images can be compressed and reduced which enables this file format for transferring images over the internet because it consumes less bandwidth.

Disadvantages of JPEG/JPG Format Images

  • JPEG compression technique is a lossy compression. So, after the image is compressed in JPEG format, it loses the certain actual quality of the image;
  • The quality of the Image is reduced after JPEG compression;
  • JPEG image compression is not fruitful for images with sharp edges and lines;
  • JPEG image format is not suitable for handling animated graphic images;
  • JPEG images do not support layered images.
  • 8-bit images only are supported by JPEG format.

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