How to Transfer Balance in NTC?


    Hello friends! Are you searching for how to transfer balance in NTC to NTC in mobile? Then good news for you. We have described the step-by-step process of NTC balance money transfer. And the best part is that the balance transfer is absolutely free of cost.

    NTC Balance Transfer

    Nepal telecom has recently allowed it’s GSM prepaid subscribers to transfer mobile balance from one SIM to another. So, GSM prepaid users can easily send their balance from one mobile number to another. We have created this article to provide a detailed process of how to transfer balance in NTC.

    Rules/Limitations of Balance Transfer in NTC

    There are some limitations applied to the transfer of balance for GSM prepaid users. These limitations are listed out as follows:

    • Limit of balance transfer = minimum Rs 10 to Rs 200
    • Number of balance transfer = 10 times per day

    Ok, now scroll down to see the process of transferring a mobile balance in NTC number to another. Before transferring balance you have to check if you have sufficient balance or not? If you don’t have enough balance on your mobile, then your transfer process will not be succeded.

    How to Transfer Balance from NTC to NTC?

    How to Transfer Balance in NTC

    Alright, lets begin with the step-by-step process about how to send balance from NTC to NTC. To transfer the balance from your GSM prepaid mobile number in NTC, you have to receive your NTC Security Code from the NTC office. NTC Security Code is mandatory for the transfer of NTC balance. Go to the “How to get Security Code” section first if you don’t have a security code.

    The step-by-step Process of NTC Balance Transfer

    The detail process about how to transfer balance in NTC is described right here. Namaste or NTC SIM users can transfer the mobile balance by performing the process described below:

    • Step-1: Note down your Security Code provided by NTC
    • Step-2: Dial the number *422*SecurityCode*ReceiverMobileNumber*TransferAmount# 
    • Step-3: Press/Tap dial button.

    Now, you have successfully transferred your NTC mobile balance to another NTC number in a very easy way. The transfer process works for GSM prepaid users whereas you can apply the same process to send the balance to CDMA mobile or Sky mobiles numbers.

    Some General Errors While Transferring Balance

    • Could not Get Security code: If you don’t have a security code then you can not transfer the balance from the NTC SIM card. So, firstly get your security code from NTC. Or, sometimes if you have security code and the error occurs, then you have to contact the NTC customer center.
    • Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code: Sometimes you may face this kind of error message if you have dialed an incorrect number, or you have dialed in the incorrect format. So, double-check before submitting the transfer command.
    • Insufficient Balance: You have to maintain sufficient balance in your account. The transfer amount must not exceed the balance amount.
    • Validity Doesn’t Increase: Please keep in mind that the transfer of balance won’t increase the validity of the receiver’s SIM card.
    • Didn’t Get any Confirmation Message: Because of the network problem, you sometimes may not get a confirmation message of the balance transfer. Or, you will get late confirmation SMS. So, check the NTC balance after sending the balance to another mobile number.

    How to Get NTC Security Code

    NTC Security Code is required while you want to transfer balance from NTC to NTC number. If you don’t have the security code or if you have a problem with getting the security code follow these steps carefully:

    • Open the message box on your mobile
    • Type SCODE and send it to 1415.

    By sending the the above message you can receive your NTC security code immediately. If you did’t receive your security code within 5 minutes then you can try again the same process.

    If it also doesn’t work then you have to contact the nearby NTC customer service center or NTC office for the security code.

    After receiving the security code from NTC, keep it securely. Because someone may misuse your security code and this may create a big risk for you.

    I hope this article helps you to get the full information about how to transfer balance in NTC. If you like this don’t forget to share on your Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Thank you.


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