NARC Full Form | What is the Full Form of NARC Nepal?


NARC: Nepal Agricultural Research Council
The full form of NARC is Nepal Agricultural Research Council

Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC) was established in 1991. It is an autonomous and independent public enterprise under the “Nepal Agricultural Research Council Act – 1991” to conduct agricultural research in Nepal to uplift the economic level of Nepalese people by increasing the agricultural product.

Objectives of NARC

  • To conduct qualitative studies and researches on different aspects of agriculture
  • To identify the existing problems in agriculture and find out the solution.
  • To assist government in formulation of agricultural policies and strategies

Functions and Responsibilities of NARC

  • Conduct qualitative agricultural research required for national agricultural policies,
  • Prioritize studies and researches to be conducted,
  • Provide research and consultancy services to the clients,
  • Coordinate, monitor and evaluate the agricultural research activities in Nepal,
  • Document the research activities

Financial Resources of NARC

  • Grants from the Government of Nepal
  • Grants from national and international donor agencies and governments
  • Funds obtained from research or consultancy services


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