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World Cup Qatar 2022 Schedule | Match Fixtures | Buy TicketsWorld Cup Qatar 2022: Schedule and Match Fixtures: The 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup 2022 football tournament will be held in Qatar. It will be the first time the biggest football tournament is going to be held in the Middle East and in a Gulf/Arab and a Muslim-majority country.

Preparations are in progress for the FIA Football World Cup in Qatar. It is estimated that 100 billion dollars will be spent on infrastructure development. It is estimated that the 2022 World Cup and is spending $200 billion—$500 million per week—on World Cup projects.

Nine new stadiums for football matches and airports, ports, connecting roads and rail projects will be built with this amount. All the stadiums will be made air-conditioned for the convenience of players and spectators.

The Qatar World Cup tournament will be held as the usual format of 32 teams. 44,950 people will be able to sit in Doha’s new Port Stadium and enjoy the match. Ports for small ships and ferry will be built around this stadium built-in artificial bay.

Official Logo of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

The official logo for the Football World Cup to be held in Qatar in 2022 has been released. It showcases both Qatar’s concrete infrastructure and the winter schedule. The color of the national flag of Qatar has been used in it. The background of the people was kept maroon colored. FIFA said the design inspiration of the logo was drawn from the traditional woolen shawls of Qatar.

The logo was released on 3rd September 2019 in Doha, Qatar’s capital. It was displayed at Al-Juberah Fort, Burj Doha, Souk Waqf, and Katara Cultural Amphitheater. Thousands of people saw the logo on many iconic buildings of the country. It was unveiled in 24 cities including Mumbai, London, Mexico City, Johannesburg, Seoul, and Paris.

World Cup Qatar 2022 Schedule | Match Fixtures

The FIFA World Cup is scheduled to be organized in Qatar from in 2022. The previous 21st edition of FIFA world cup was held in Russia in 2018 was won by France. In the 22nd edition of Qatar FIFA World Cup, there are 32 national football teams divided into eight groups of four each.

There will be a total of 64 matches to be scheduled for playing across different venues located in various cities in Qatar. The scheduled times of the matches are quite fan-friendly in Asia-Pacific and India as most of the matches will take place in the daylight and extend to evening. Here’s an overall World Cup Qatar 2022 schedule and match fixtures are listed in International time standard.

The World Cup Qatar tournament will begin on 21st November 2022, while the final match is scheduled for 18th December, 2022 which collides with Qatar National Day. Even then it will be sunny day with temperatures around the 30°C mark which will be very hot for spectators.

The spectacular fanar lantern‑inspired Lusail Stadium, which will host the opening ceremony and match on 21 November, as well as the grand finale on 18 December 2022

We will update soon as soon as the full schedule and match fixtures are announced by FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 officially. You can also download the World Cup Fixtures as a PDF format.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Schedule and Match Fixtures
DateMatchVenueKick-off (BST)
Thursday June 14 Russia 5-0 Saudi Arabia (A) Moscow (Luzhniki) 4pm
Friday June 15 Egypt 0-1 Uruguay (A) Ekaterinburg 1pm
Friday June 15 Morocco 0-1 Iran (B) St Petersburg 4pm
Friday June 15 Portugal 3-3 Spain (B) Sochi 7pm
Saturday June 16 France 2-1 Australia (C) Kazan 11am
Saturday June 16 Argentina 1-1 Iceland (D) Moscow (Spartak) 2pm
Saturday June 16 Peru 0-1 Denmark (C) Saransk 5pm
Saturday June 16 Croatia 2-0 Nigeria (D) Kaliningrad 8pm
Sunday June 17 Costa Rica 0-1 Serbia (E) Samara 1pm
Sunday June 17 Germany 0-1 Mexico (F) Moscow (Luzhniki) 4pm
Sunday June 17 Brazil 1-1 Switzerland (E) Rostov-on-Don 7pm
Monday June 18 Sweden 1-0 South Korea (F) Nizhny Novgorod 1pm
Monday June 18 Belgium 3-0 Panama (G) Sochi 4pm
Monday June 18 Tunisia 1-2 England (G) Volgograd 7pm
Tuesday June 19 Colombia 1-2 Japan (H)  Saransk 1pm
Tuesday June 19Poland 1-2 Senegal (H)Moscow (Spartak) 4pm
Tuesday June 19 Russia 3-1 Egypt (A) St Petersburg 7pm
Wednesday June 20 Portugal 1-0 Morocco (B) Moscow (Luzhniki) 1pm
Wednesday June 20 Uruguay 1-0 Saudi Arabia (A) Rostov-on-Don 4pm
Wednesday June 20 Iran 0-1 Spain (B) Kazan 7pm
Thursday June 21 Denmark 1-1 Australia (C) Samara 1pm
Thursday June 21 France 1-0 Peru (C) Ekaterinburg 4pm
Thursday June 21 Argentina 0-3 Croatia (D) Nizhny Novgorod 7pm
Friday June 22 Brazil 2-1 Costa Rica (E) St Petersburg 1pm
Friday June 22 Nigeria 2-0 Iceland (D) Volgograd 4pm
Friday June 22 Serbia 1-2 Switzerland (E) Kaliningrad 7pm
Saturday June 23 Belgium 5-2 Tunisia (G) Moscow (Spartak) 1pm
Saturday June 23 South Korea 1-2 Mexico (F)Rostov-on-Don 4pm
Saturday June 23 Germany 2-1 Sweden (F) Sochi 7pm
Sunday June 24 England 6-1 Panama (G) Nizhny Novgorod 1pm
Sunday June 24 Japan 2-2 Senegal (H) Ekaterinburg 4pm
Sunday June 24 Poland 0-3 Colombia (H) Kazan 7pm
Monday June 25 Uruguay 3-0 Russia (A) Samara 3pm
Monday June 25 Saudi Arabia 2-1 Egypt (A) Volgograd 3pm
Monday June 25 Spain 2-2 Morocco (B) Kaliningrad 7pm
Monday June 25 Iran 1-1 Portugal (B) Saransk 7pm
Tuesday June 26 Denmark 0-0 France (C) Moscow (Luzhniki) 3pm
Tuesday June 26 Australia 0-2 Peru (C) Sochi 3pm
Tuesday June 26 Nigeria 1-2 Argentina (D) St Petersburg 7pm
Tuesday June 26 Iceland 1-2 Croatia (D) Rostov-on-Don 7pm
Wednesday June 27 South Korea 2-0 Germany (F) Kazan 3pm
Wednesday June 27 Mexico 0-3 Sweden (F) Ekaterinburg 3pm
Wednesday June 27 Serbia 0-2 Brazil (E) Moscow (Spartak) 7pm
Wednesday June 27 Switzerland 2-2 Costa Rica (E) Nizhny Novgorod 7pm
Thursday June 28 Japan 0-1 Poland (H) Volgograd 3pm
Thursday June 28 Senegal 0-1 Colombia (H) Samara 3pm
Thursday June 28 England 0-1 Belgium (G) Kaliningrad 7pm
Thursday June 28 Panama 1-2 Tunisia (G) Saransk 7pm
LAST 16   
Saturday June 30 France 4-3 Argentina (Match 50)Kazan 3pm 
Saturday June 30Uruguay 2-1 Portugal (Match 49)Sochi 7pm 
Sunday July 1 Spain 1-1 (3-4) Russia (Match 51)Moscow 3pm 
Sunday July 1 Croatia 1-1 (3-2) Denmark (Match 52)Nizhny Novgorod 7pm 
Monday July 2 Brazil 2-0 MexicoSamara 3pm 
Monday July 2 Belgium 3-2 Japan (Match 54)Rostov-on-Don 7pm
Tuesday July 3 Sweden 1-0 Switzerland (Match 55)St Petersburg 3pm
Tuesday July 3 Colombia 1-1 England (3-4) (Match 56)Moscow (Spartak) 7pm 
Friday July 6 Uruguay 0-2 France (57) Nizhny Novgorod 3pm
Friday July 6 Brazil 1-2 Belgium (58) Kazan 7pm 
Saturday July 7 Sweden 0-2 England (60) Samara 3pm 
Saturday July 7 Russia 2-2 (3-4) Croatia (59) Sochi 7pm 
Tuesday July 10 France 1-0 Belgium St Petersburg 7pm
Wednesday July 11 Croatia 2-1 England (AET) Moscow (Luzhniki) 7pm
Saturday July 14Belgium 2-0 England St Petersburg 3pm
Sunday July 15France 4-2 Croatia Moscow (Luzhniki) 4pm

How to Buy Tickets for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Football Tournament

How can I get tickets for Qatar?

Patience will be fruitful here. World Cup Qatar 2022 tickets are not yet available for booking and won’t go on sale until 2021 at the earliest. Compared to the 2018 World Cup ticket, the tickets will be supposed to available from September 2021. We will update the ticketing details as soon as FIFA opens for booking.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, tickets will be open very soon.

How much is a ticket to the World Cup final?

Ticket prices for the football World Cup in Qatar will start at $90 (£59, 69 euros) for group stage matches. FIFA, the governing body of World Cup Football has announced officially that the cheapest ticket for overseas fans for the Russia final on 13 July was $440 (£288) and the most expensive ticket was $990 (£650).

How do I book tickets for the World Cup?

You have to visit the FIFA ticketing center website to purchase World Cup Qatar tickets. Select tickets for the matches and categories of your choice. You can purchase your tickets in real-time. During this time, you will know immediately if you have got tickets to the match.

Cheapest flights From US to Qatar for World Cup 2022

US LocationFlight Fare
New York to Doha flightsfrom $751 pp
Los Angeles to Doha flightsfrom $806 pp
Houston to Doha flightsfrom $812 pp
Dallas to Doha flightsfrom $837 pp
Denver to Doha flightsfrom $838 pp
Boston to Doha flightsfrom $864 pp
Atlanta to Doha flightsfrom $893 pp
Chicago to Doha flightsfrom $907 pp
San Francisco to Doha flightsfrom $980 pp
Charlotte to Doha flightsfrom $1027 pp
Seattle to Doha flightsfrom $1051 pp
Orlando to Doha flightsfrom $1059 pp
San Jose to Doha flightsfrom $1091 pp
Minneapolis to Doha flightsfrom $1104 pp
Detroit to Doha flightsfrom $1257 pp
Pittsburgh to Doha flightsfrom $1340 pp


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